Rome Township, Lenawee Co, Special Census
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Widows


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Name RankCo.Reg't/VesselEnlist DateDischarge DateLength of Service Post OfficeDisability Incurred; Discharge
STODDARD, AlphonsePvtA11 Mich Cav24 Aug 186428 May 18659mRome CenterLung difficulty (sic); (discharged)
at Lexington, KY
SMOKE, DanielPvtE3 Mich Cav17 Feb 186415 Mar 1866 2y, 28dRome CenterRupter chronic dises (sic)
Henry C
SgtN1 Mich M Eng7 Nov 186525 Sep 18651y, 10m, 18dRome Center 
SEAGER, BowmanCplG12 Vermont25 Aug 186216 Aug 186310m, 21dRome Center 
SPANGLE, AaronPvtC1 Mich Art13 Sep 186115 Dec 18643y, 3m, 5dRome Center 
HOPKINS, Howard MPvtE3 Mich Cav16 Sep 186122 Oct 1864Rome Center  
BASCOM, GeorgePvtD?30 Mich Inf26 Nov 18642 Jul 18657m, 4d  
BEACH, Oliver HPvtH5 Mich Cav29 Aug 186213 Jun 18652y, 9m, 16d  
SCHUREMAN, SamuelPvtE11 Mich Cav24 Aug 186416 Jun 18659m, 22dRome CenterSpinal Rheumatism
HORNBY, RichardPvtG1 Mich Inf10 Aug 186131 Aug 18643y, 19dRome Center 
HAWLEY, LeviPvtH11 Mich Cav25 Aug 186416 Jun 186510m, 6d
TAYLOR, RalphSgtM11 Mich Cav18 Aug 186416 Jun 18659m, 29dRome CenterInternal injury, leg & head, capsizing (?)
of train near Knoksville, Tenn (sic)
CORNELL, Albert WCorpB18 Mich Inft26 Aug 186216 Jun 18652y, 8m?, 21dRome Center 
DOWLING, EnochMusi(cian)    Band3 Mich Inft20 Sep 186112 Mar 18626m, 26dRome Centerthrote difficulty (sic)
ALDRICH, David MPvtE?3 Mich Cav17 Feb 186412 Feb 18663y, 11m, 26dRome Centerreoumatism (sic)
CURTIS, Thomas JSgtK4 Mich Inft25 Mar 186426 May 18662y, 2m, 1dRome Center 
RIGDEN, GeorgePvtE?18 Mich Inft26 Aug 186220 Jun 18652y, 9m, 21dOnsted 
MALTMAN, Fredrick ASgtA11 Mich Inft1 Feb 186516 Sep 18657m, 16dGenevawounded in leg
WOOD, WilliamPvtA11 Mich Cav12 Aug 186416 Jun 18659m, 28dRome CenterPrisoner? At Libby 3 months
BATES, Perry WSgtB18 Mich Inft13 Aug 186216 Jun 18652y, 9m, 21dRome CenterBleeding piles
DUDLEY, Harvy CPvtB9 Mich Cav7 Jan 186321 Jul 18652y, 6m, 14dClaton (sic)Reumatism (Sic)
SHULTZ, JohnPvtD12 Mich Inft21 Dec 186115 Feb 18664y, 1m, 6dClaytonneuralagy, hart disease (Sic)
FOX, AlbertPvtF14 Ohio Inft15 Sep 186126 Apr 18642y, 7m, 11dRome CenterReumatism, chronic disese (Sic)
CURE, Hiram WPvtE3 Mich Cav22 Aug 18622 Jun 18652y, 8m?, 28dRome Center two hernias, rheumatism;
also chronic disese(sic)
HOLOWAY, Nathanel CPvtE18 Mich Inft29 Jul 186226 Jun 18652y, 10m, 29dRome Township 
BERTRAM, EzraSgtE3 Mich Cav5 Sep 186112 Feb 18664y, 5m,7dRome Township Mich 
GEORGE, Royal*           Rome Twp 
EATON, John B*            Rome Twp 
BUMP, JamesPvtH3 Ohio CavAug 1861Jun 18644yClayton 
BORDINE, Benjamin MCplB44 ILL Inft12 Aug 186115 Sep 18643y, 1m, 3dClaytonRupture, Pea Ridg Arkansas
at the Battle of Pea Ridg (sic)
LOVE, Thomas GG MEssex 4 Nov 18645 Aug 186510m  
BIGGS, MichielPvtF26 Mich Inft14 Aug 186213 Jun 18652y, 9m, 29d  
ROCKWELL, Benjamin FPvtF123 Ohio Inft18 Dec 186318 Jul 18651y, 7mCadmus 
GREENLEAF, RobertPvtB9 Mich Cav22 Dec 186214 Jun 18652y, 5m, 22dRome Center 
BELL, JosephPvtK3 Ohio CavMar 1864Aug 18658mRome Twp, Lenawee Co Mich 
HOWARD, Harriet**               

*NOTE from census taker: "There is two Soldiers in Rome I was not able to get their names on the above list. Names Royal George and John Eaton. They was not at home and could not get their discharge papers." � George W Teachout.

**NOTE: no further information.

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